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Echos From Cameroon "Thank You VOSH/Southeast"

Our Collaborator in Cameroon ‘Noah’s Ark Cameroon’ hosted of VOSH/Southeast USA (group of 29 volunteers from North America) in Bamenda Cameroon at the World Hospital, Bamenda NW Cameroon November 12-22, 2013

“The radio is talking … A Miracle is Happening in Bamenda” VOSH/Southeast  -  Cameroon 2013 (VOSH/Southeast report caption)

Indeed, the VOSH/Southeast clinic, set up at the World Hospital high in the mountains overlooking Bamenda, capital of the Northwest Province, saw an amazing 4,532 patients who came from all corners of the country for eye care.


First on left is Denis Tilong a friend of Zetwal from MN, USA

The volunteers had flown from cities in the United States and Canada, via Europe and then over the rippling endless sands of the Sahara Desert, clearly visible below. Then, descending into the fertile fields and mountains of the Republic of Cameroon, the mission began in earnest. Independent since 1960 and 1961, Cameroon joined together the land and official languages of French and English-speaking populations, now more than 20 million strong, with more than 400 tribal languages.


This was the 3rd VOSH/Southeast mission to Bamenda.  Our gracious host was Dr. Valentine Lah, the chief administrator and guiding light of Noah’s Ark in Bamenda… 

(Visit VOSH/Southeast website for complete report more)


 A Better Tomorrow Begins with a Fulfilled Promise Today

Cameroon, Africa

It is difficult to overstate the importance of our work in Cameroon. The need is real. We recently partnered with Noah's Ark in Cameroon to provide much-needed schoolbooks and uniforms to reinserted victims of child trafficking. We're proud to be able to provide resources to these children who have faced so many challenges. Perhaps the most important thing we provide is hope.

  • Additional recent successes in Cameroon include:
  • Hosting the VOSH-SE Optometric Clinic in partnership with Noah’s Ark
  • Initiating a library program and mentoring program with Noah's Ark
  • Delivery of medical and educational materials in Bamenda
  • Improvement of local agriculture methods
  • Implementation of healthcare awareness campaigns, including targeted Women's Health Initiatives
  • Providing basic healthcare training to local community leaders


ZETWAL SHARING THE JOY program in the North West Region of Cameroon is dedicated to community and people centered activities geared at providing participants with basic daily living needs to improve their quality of life. Zetwal is grateful for the privilege to be welcomed into homes and communities through the many programs we share with our participants. We are committed to making a difference one life at a time, one day at a time.



Children Sharing the Joy during the 2013 community play date

During our Play Dates we share the joy of companionship,
With games, toys, quizzes, puzzles, music, and companionship, we share the joy of living.
Through targeted medical missions, we share the joy of good health
Through clothing drives, we share the joy of self-worth,
Through the donation of books to a local library and community leaders, we share the gift of literacy and knowledge.

Dr. Valentine Lah CEO of Noah’s Ark Cameroon using of the Noah’s Ark Cameroon Library

Zetwal works in collaboration with local care givers to enhance programs within the communities where they live and work. These collaborators are a crucial link between Zetwal, the communities and the ZETWAL SHARING THE JOY program. Our collaborators identify the needs of their communities in relation to time, season, purpose, community and individual goals and make requests for assistance. With properly targeted programs suggested by our collaborators Zetwal has helped people get free medical care, strengthened and enhanced professional goals and educational opportunities, provide clothing, food, laundry products and personal care products. Zetwal believes that providing people with the opportunity to meet their basic daily needs is the basis for building successful starlets. By creating a constellation of vibrant communities we hope to shine the light on the lives and future of the people we are privileged to encounter.

The ZETWAL SHARING THE JOY program in Cameroon has been made possible thanks to the generosity of our donors, collaborators, and the communities that have welcomed Zetwal into their homes.