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Hurricane Matthew devastates Haiti and the region of Les Cayes impacting our students

October 5, 2016


Visit to Les Cayes – Feb 2015

Here with the Students in our Education Program and Father Elysee, the Program Director.

Hurricane Matthew hit the region of Les Cayes last night Oct 3 2016, leaving devastation and flooding.  We are currently praying for the safety of our students and familes affected by the storm.  Please donate now so we can provide emergency support

Thank you So much –Mesi Anpil

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Shipping goods to Bamenda

February 2, 2015

Still time to donate to defray the costs of shipping our goods to Africa.

The Zetwal team packed more than 18 plastics bins of clothes, toys and games  into 4 large barrels. The team also shrink-wrapped 29 boxes of books and educational materials for our Noah’s Ark library in Bamenda.   The shipment left our headquarters on Sunday  morning Feb 1st, 2015.  We’ll keep you posted on its progress…   stay tune

Thank you Lucienne, Cecilia, and Diane P  for helping  sort, and pack.

Lucienne shrink-wrapping books

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Zetwal host quarterly meeting – 1/28/2015

On 1/28/2015 – Zetwal  Hosted its quarterly meeting and welcomed new members to the team

Welcome  Kuko Mofor, Lara Meadows, Amanda Muana and Cecilia Ngangndi

The Board elected Kuko Mofor to the secretary position replacing Jean Holschbach, one of Zetwal’s  co-founders who will remain on the board as an advisor.  Thank you  Jean for all your contributions

The Board also elected Kelly Kum to the position of Education Advisor.  Kelly has many years of experience as a teacher and will help us further expand our education programs in both Haiti and Africa.




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Aug 30th 2014 – back to school time

August 31, 2014

Summer is coming to an end and “back to school” signs are everywhere. Children are excited to meet their new teacher and older youth are looking forward to completing another year of schooling that gets them closer to their goal. For the children of Africa and Haiti, education is a priviledge. Those who get a chance to attend school work very hard and feel very blessed. Check out our education programs and consider sponsoring a student.
Lucy Nichols

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School supplies for Haiti

July 25, 2014

Getting on the plane tomorrow to bring more school supplies to students in Haiti. Last March I met the students and staff  of St Thomas d’Aquin school ( k-12)  and shared some of the school supplies stored at the  EDAAD office in Tabarre, our partner organization on the ground in Haiti. I have a chance to return to Tabarre and hopefully visit more students and offer them some  supplies they can use for  school.

Thank you for supporting our efforts in Haiti, your donations help us brighten a  little piece of their world.

Lucy Nichols


School In Tabarre, Haiti

School In Tabarre, Haiti


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Shipment to Africa

Last spring  many of you generously gave Zetwal books and education toys for our  Noah’s Ark library in Cameroon as well as clothing and toys for the children of the community.  Zetwal would like to ship these items to Africa in Aug 2014 so they can arrive in time for Christmas. What better gift then books the children will be so excited!

Please consider donating for our shipment to Africa. We estimate the cost to be $3000 USD

Books for Africa

Books for Africa

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Cameroon sharing the joy program

July 20, 2014

SHARING THE JOY– by Lucienne
One important gift I have received through the experience I gained working with people of different race and culture is the gift of presence. There is nothing more important than being present to people. In all the years I have been involved in “SHARING THE JOY” effort, one recurrent philosophy that I learn from each experience is the importance of “PRESENCE”. To be attentive to the needs of our ZETWAL families; the material, spiritual, emotional, and psychological needs of the people I am privileged to share the joy with. I believe without this mindfulness our efforts at extending a hand of friendship may become the source of self-serving maneuvers for both Zetwal and the communities we are engaged with: an act of charity may become an act of giving. Mindful of the importance of “Presence” I do not go into any community and determine what I perceive is needed without first listening to what the communities identify as a need. The more you learn about a community, the better you will be able to share the joy.

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Children Clothing, Puzzles and Books Donated to Zetwal

May 12, 2014

On April 27, 2014 Zetwal received a large donations of  children clothing (10 bags) , puzzles and  educational books (7 boxes)  from St-Joseph the Worker parishioners in Maple Grove MN. This bi-annual  sale raises funds for families selling their goods, unsold items were donated to Zetwal and local shelters. Our donations will be shipped to our Noah’s Ark partner in Bamenda, Cameroon Africa, to the delight of our kids and families there.  The goal is to ship by Aug to have the goods there in time for Christmas  — we’ll need to raise around $2500 to ship.



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Thank You St. Joseph the Worker Parishioners!

May 5, 2014

On April 13th , 2014 Zetwal received a large donations of  children and educational books from St-Joseph the Worker parishioners in Maple Grove MN. This annual book sale raises funds for  CROSS, unsold books were donated to Zetwal.  These books will be shipped to our Noah’s Ark library in Bamenda, Cameroon Africa, to the delight of our kids and families there. zmo 004


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Zetwal visits St-Thomas d’Aquin school in Tabarre, Haiti

April 20, 2014

On March 11, 2014, Zetwal visits St-Thomas d’Aquin school  in Tabarre, Haiti to deliver much needed school supplies and to evaluate the possibility of establishing a food program for the students. The school teaches the equivalent of grades k-12 and has over 800 students.

To read more about this trip, and to view additional photos, please read the ZMO School Feeding March 2014.

school sign

donations to school


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