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Haiti is still rebuilding from the devastating 2010 earthquake, which affected an estimated 3 million people. We have strong relationships with local organizations in order to maximize our impact. We have a particularly robust partnership with Enfants D’Aujourd’hui Adulte de Demain, and together we support a variety of initiatives, including:

  • A mobile clinic capable of reaching rural areas
  • A sanitation improvement project
  • A library program
  • A nutrition program at a kindergarten, elementary and secondary school
  • A scholarship fund for higher education for Haitian youth
  • Vocational-Technical training

ZMO – Haiti Student Sponsorship Program

The Haiti Student Sponsorship Program is designed to provide funding for underprivileged students to complete their secondary and/or college education. The program will raise funds to cover the tuition, school supplies and living expenses (lodging and food) for the students while they are in school.

The program offers a unique opportunity for the students to complete higher education in order to seek a career and gainful employment in the future. Students selected for the program are orphaned and/or come from families unable to pay for education. The students have demonstrated good grades, a strong desire to study and willingness to work hard to reach their education goals.

The Haiti Student Sponsorship Program will be under the responsibility of Father Claude Renel Elysée of Les Cayes, Haiti. At this time the program will fund up to 7 students, selected by Father Elysée based on the criteria listed above. The annual cost to administer the program is about $10,000 USD.

Our students for the school year - 2014/2015

The  students consists of the following individuals, let’s get to know them:

1) Fina Blanc, 19:
Fina is an orphan and has been cared for by Father Elysée since 2003. She has successfully completed ( 9th grade) and is going into 10th grade at St Michel de Charpentier School directed by the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception. She has an interest in music

2) Mona Joseph, 16:
Mona is starting (10th Grade) at La Providence School directed by the Sisters of St Hyacinthe. She has no father, her mother has 4 children. To support them she sells goods in the market but is not able to pay for school.

3) Hebert Elysée, 26:
Hebert is father’s cousin and godchild. He has completed his national final exams for the “Terminal Year” (equivalent to grade 13) and will submit his application to study administration at the Southern Public University in les Cayes. 

4) Suze Elysée, 25:
Abandoned by her parents, Suze has been cared for by Father Elysée since 2005. She is interested in nursing and completed her 2nd year of Nursing studies at Notre Dame University in Les Cayes. 

5) Johny Julien, 29:
• Johny is an orphan and has been with Father Elysée since 2004. Johny is a seminarian of the Diocese of Les Cayes. Johny just completed 2 years of philosophy at the Grand Seminary in Port au Prince. This year he must complete one year of pastoral training before starting theological studies.

6) Marie Guerda Alcidas, 35:
• Guerda is an orphan who was being cared for by her sister. Her sister has married and can no longer look after her. Guerda will begin her third year of Nursing at Notre Dame University in Les Cayes

7) Marie Carmelle Jacquet, 27:
• Marie Carmelle has no father and her mother cannot afford her education. She is starting her 3rd in of studies in agronomy at the Notre Dame University in les Cayes.

When asked what they think about education, here is what they said:

Fina says:

To gain a good education one must have good teachers and one must adopt a good attitude and behavior in everything especially with respect to those who do not have an opportunity to benefit from education. For me, education is the most amazing thing I have had the opportunity to find.


Mona says:


School is a teaching institution where one learns to develop individuals for the integral training of a society and why not the world. It is a country’s the most prestigious institution. For us, young Haitians, education plays a primordial role because without education, without instruction, we cannot accomplish anything, we cannot change our country’s outcome. Education is like a powerful and energetic medication. This is to say that the bread of instruction given at school can embellish our society and the world.

Suze says:

School helps us to learn by ourselves and from others. It is the road to knowledge and the center of life. To be in school is to learn to live one’s life with and without others. It represents a path to gain indispensable knowledge to become an honest person and represents a career for the future. Because of school, one can set life goals.

Johny says:

Becoming a priest is to be in the midst of the poor; to live with them. Also, helping people, sharing with them the word of God and finally gain eternal life.