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About Zetwal Mission Outreach

Zetwal is the Creole word for "star." Zetwal Mission Outreach is a nonprofit organization founded on the belief that everyone deserves to shine brightly. To that end, we partner with communities around the world to provide critical resources.

These aren't simply handouts; we work closely with community members and locally based NGOs to maximize impact and facilitate long-term improvements. Our ultimate goal: sustainability through education and empowerment. We want these communities to shine today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

Our efforts are concentrated in Cameroon, Haiti, and deserving areas of the United States. We focus on three primary endeavors:

Health care

  • We provide medical assistance and sponsor instructive health initiatives.

Human development

  • We promote human welfare and development through programs aimed at improving sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition.


  • We foster enhanced educational systems, because we believe that education is the key to self-sufficiency and social responsibility.