Cameroon sharing the joy program

July 20, 2014

SHARING THE JOY– by Lucienne
One important gift I have received through the experience I gained working with people of different race and culture is the gift of presence. There is nothing more important than being present to people. In all the years I have been involved in “SHARING THE JOY” effort, one recurrent philosophy that I learn from each experience is the importance of “PRESENCE”. To be attentive to the needs of our ZETWAL families; the material, spiritual, emotional, and psychological needs of the people I am privileged to share the joy with. I believe without this mindfulness our efforts at extending a hand of friendship may become the source of self-serving maneuvers for both Zetwal and the communities we are engaged with: an act of charity may become an act of giving. Mindful of the importance of “Presence” I do not go into any community and determine what I perceive is needed without first listening to what the communities identify as a need. The more you learn about a community, the better you will be able to share the joy.

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