School supplies for Haiti

July 25, 2014

Getting on the plane tomorrow to bring more school supplies to students in Haiti. Last March I met the students and staff  of St Thomas d’Aquin school ( k-12)  and shared some of the school supplies stored at the  EDAAD office in Tabarre, our partner organization on the ground in Haiti. I have a chance to return to Tabarre and hopefully visit more students and offer them some  supplies they can use for  school.

Thank you for supporting our efforts in Haiti, your donations help us brighten a  little piece of their world.

Lucy Nichols


School In Tabarre, Haiti

School In Tabarre, Haiti


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Zetwal visits St-Thomas d’Aquin school in Tabarre, Haiti

April 20, 2014

On March 11, 2014, Zetwal visits St-Thomas d’Aquin school  in Tabarre, Haiti to deliver much needed school supplies and to evaluate the possibility of establishing a food program for the students. The school teaches the equivalent of grades k-12 and has over 800 students.

To read more about this trip, and to view additional photos, please read the ZMO School Feeding March 2014.

school sign

donations to school


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